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A house of hospitality has many roles.


When you host beautifully, you also get only beautiful. We learned the lesson from the places that hug us every time we climb to our hotel – the forest that leads us to an increasingly obvious intimacy, the inner glade that opens to the sunset, the flowers that rest the gaze through the corners of gardens and terraces.

As neighbors – only the fir trees with paths that stretch on the other side of the forest road to the old center of Brasov or, for those who dare, to the Cristianu Mare peak.

Hotel ohma – Casa Viorel lives, breathes and grows through the people who choose to cross its threshold.

It is the place where the road awaits its traveler, and the traveler urges his soul further, with fresh forces, gathered at a warm meal and an inviting sleep.

It's a mission: happy, relaxed and pampered guests.HISTORY OF THE PLACE

ohma hotel


We also call them opportunities for learning, relaxation, exploration and flavor.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

You relax in the tranquility of the mountains, while the children have fun to the fullest in the landscaped garden of the hotel!


Go-Business Offer

Stay of two nights at the price of 960 lei single room / 1,220 lei double room. Valid for a minimum of 20 people.


Have you visited us yet? Maybe you enjoyed your morning coffee on the terrace of the room between the trees?
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