Ohma Hotel

If you want to experience the feeling of comfort and privacy at home, but also the opportunity to socialize in a green, natural and healthy environment, we are your oasis of calm and space.

If you're a passerby, enjoy a little bit of serenity and stop by! We assure you that you will experience something different from what you have experienced before.

Founded in 1994, the estate covers an area of 3 hectares and offers its guests an ideal location for relaxation and tranquility in the heart of nature, for organising private or corporate events and for outdoor activities.

Over time, we've picked up a whole family of travel trends. Today, we host new communities - nature lovers, budding hospitality and adrenaline lovers. For each of them, hotel ohma - Casa Viorel means facilitating a space tailored to their personal quests.

In 2021, Casa Viorel and the ohma Academy (One Hotel Management Academy) by winsedswiss have merged to bring together, under one roof, the high expectations of our guests with the Swiss professionalism and unique knowledge of our hotel management specialists.

Have you visited us yet? Maybe you enjoyed your morning coffee on the terrace of the room between the trees?
Your opinion matters to us and our future guests! We invite you to share your experience on our social media channels!

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